High Balance/Jumbo Loans

In our area, real estate can be expensive


...But don't worry.  If you need a loan above the $484,350 conventional loan limit, you'll have options:

High Balance Mortgages


 Much like their conventional counterparts, high balance mortgages are written according to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, and carry the same down payment options, low fees and strong interest rates. However, certain counties are considered high cost areas, and allow for larger loan sizes.  For instance, in the Baltimore metro area, the high  balance loan limit is $517,500.  In D.C. and the counties surrounding the Capital Beltway, the loan limit is $726,525.  If a conventional mortgage sounded right for you, but you needed a larger loan, a high balance loan might be the perfect fit.   

Jumbo Loans


 What if you need a mortgage above your county's high balance loan limit?  That's where our jumbo products can help.  We offer jumbo loan amounts up to $2.5 million for primary residences and second homes, no matter what zip code you call home.